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The materials below may be used in whole or in part and distributed for non-commercial purposes.


Brain Hackers Introduction and Twelve Basic Principles (ppt) - serves as an introduction to the Brain Hackers program, presenting the Twelve Basic Principles of brain function that everyone should know.

Twelve Basic Principles (doc) - brief description of the principles, providing a summary students can refer to as they complete the activity for the Brain Hackers Introduction  section.

Human Brain: Structure and Function (ppt) - discusses organization of the brain and nervous system, and identfies twelve major brain structures and their functions.

Observing Brain Activity (ppt) - describes the physics of the electroencephalogram (EEG) to observe brain activity and provides activities using EEG.

Instructions for Emotiv Epoch EEG (ppt) - provides step-by-step instructions for setting up and using the Emotiv Epoch EEG.

Personality (ppt) - introduces personality and guides students in taking and interpreting the results of the Big Five Personality test, and provides activities including developing a personality profile and appreciating personality differences within the group.

Personality Score Sheet (doc) - used with Personality module to record scores on each personality dimension of the Big Five Personality test.

Personality Worksheet (doc) - used with Personality module to record observations in constructing a personality profile of a fictional character.

Brain Science of Pixar's Inside Out (ppt) - in this module, students watch the movie Inside Out and complete a worksheet that identifies key points in the movie and links them to the student's own experiences.

Brain Science of Inside Out Worksheet (doc) - worksheet to be completed by students as they watch the movie Inside Out.

Brain of the Elite Athlete: Introduction (ppt) - discusses three factors that distinguish elite athletes: Deliberate Practice, Interleaving Practice and Short-Term Memory.

Brain of the Elite Athlete II: Motor Control (ppt) - discusses organization of Primary Motor Cortex and how it is shaped by of experience with different activities.

Motor Activity Chart (doc) - table to be completed by students and used in creating homunculus activity for Brain of the Elite Athlete II: Motor Control module.

Brain of the Elite Athlete III: Sensory-Motor Integration (ppt) - addresses how the brain integrates sensory and motor information to perform complex activities.

Brain of the Elite Athlete IV: Reaction Time (ppt) - considers the brain processes that underlie simple and choice reaction time and provides techniques for improving reaction times.

Brain of the Elite Athlete V: Reaction Time (ppt) - discusses attention in general with activities illustrating how different situations demand different forms of attention, and considers the characteristics of the abilities of an elite athlete with regard to attention.

Perception of 3-D - Sidewalk Illusions (ppt) - considers how the illusion of three-dimensions is created and the visual cues that give rise to the sense of three dimensions, with an illustration based on learning to create sidewalk illusions.

Sheep Brain Dissection  (ppt) - Step-by-step instructions for dissecting a sheep brain with descriptions of major anatomical structures and their functions.

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