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Activities are offered to schools in the Albuquerque-Santa Fe area at no cost to schools.  To request a school visit for one of the Brain Hackers activities, contact

Brain Science for Elementary School Students

3rd-5th Grades, 1hr-1.5hr

Designed to inspire curiosity about the brain and the relationship between the brain and performance, with a combination of lecture and engaging activities.  Topics include individual differences, exercise, sleep, fatigue, gaming, illusions, pattern recognition, memory, concussion and career opportunities in neuroscience.


Twelve Principles Everyone Should Know About Their Brain

6th-12th Grades & Adult Audiences, 1hr-1.5hr

Interactive lecture that is based on having surveyed the neuroscience research literature to identify principles that are directly relevant to the everyday life of anyone.


Careers in Neuroscience

6th-12th Grades, 30min-1hr

Discusses career opportunities ranging from health care to research to artificial intelligence that are available to students with an interest in brain science.


Sidewalk Illusions

4th-12th Grades, 45min-1hr

Combines a brief lecture on how the visual system perceives three-dimensions within natural and human-made environments and a beginners lesson in which students create 3-D sidewalk illusions.


Sheep Brain Dissection

6th-12th Grades, 45min-1hr

Leads students through the dissection of a sheep brain highlighting brain regions related to various behaviors, functions and psychological experiences.  NOTE: schools must either acquire or provide funds to purchase the sheep brains.


App Development with MIT App Inventor

4th-12th Grades, 45min-1hr

Introduces MIT App Inventor and leads students through the steps to create a simple app that runs on an Android phone.


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